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Cost of grocery shopping not only includes the price of the products but also Time spent, Fuel Cost, and Parking fees, etc.

At Vokav.com No parking hassles, No traffic jams, No Parking charges, Save on Fuel Cost, and more importantly we carry and deliver your groceries right to your home. So you could invest your time productively. So what are you waiting for, shop with us check our service.

The amount of time you spend to drive and shop will almost cost you 25% of your groceries amount, don’t believe it? Check our Saving Calculator. Old saying goes Time is Money!


List price :$ You pay :$ Your savings :$
House Roundtrip between your Home and Shop   Miles
Fuel Fuel Cost: $ /Gallon
Vehicle Vehicle Miles per Gallon (MPG):   MPG
speedometer Driving average speed:   /MPH
clock Time spent on grocery shopping:   /Min
Dollar Salary: $ /Hour
Percent No of working days in a month:   %
  Sub Total Saving:  
  Your Total Saving: $